Dear Christian Who Votes The Bible:

I encourage you to vote YES on Amendment “A” in the November 6 election.

If Amendment “A” passes, it will give a realistic opportunity to undo the 2013 Bathroom Bill passed by City Council even though 20 + rows of citizens in Council Chambers opposed the ordinance and less than 3 rows of citizens supported it.

I led a referendum effort that would have required City Council to rescind their action or else put it on a ballot for the citizens to vote.

We had to collect 61,000 petition signatures in 40 days. That is very difficult to do. It took 14 days to design and print the petitions. We collected nearly 17,000 signatures in the remaining 26 days. Thus the referendum effort fell short and men dressed like women are now able to go into girls’ restrooms in our city.

Amendment “A” would require 20,000 signatures with 180 days to collect them to trigger a referendum. I have no doubt we could have reached that total.

If Amendment “A” passes, we may undertake another referendum to undo the Bathroom Bill. We will certainly have a better opportunity to require City Council to rescind similar egregious decisions or to let the people vote.

Please support Amendment “A” in one or more of the following ways:

1. Vote YES.

2. Give your pastor and 5 friends a copy of this letter.

3. Refer your e-mail list to this letter at

4. Make a homemade sign and put it in your yard.

Vote YES

Amendment “A”


5. Post your sign on Social Media.


Pastor Gerald Ripley