1.  Social progressives have made great strides over the last twenty years towards the Marxist goals of dethroning God and destroying capitalism with the expectation that America will then collapse from within.

2.  Curtis Bowers delineates this clearly in his 2010 Award-winning documentary “Agenda – Grinding America Down.”

3.  Numerous goals of social progressives have been attained.

a.  Arts and Entertainment promote homosexuality as normal and acceptable.

b.  Business expansion is handicapped by the imposition of burdensome regulations.

c.  Prayer has been eliminated from public schools.

d.  Families suffer due to the promotion of promiscuity and easy divorce.

e.  Progressive Socialists have gained control of a political party.

f.  Progressive Socialists (liberals) control key positions in radio, television and newspapers.

g.  The Bible has been discredited.

4.  The Church has been ignorant of the Agenda and therefore unaware of the need for an intentional, organized counteroffensive.

5.  Oft times, the Church has been apathetic or hesitant (even reluctant) to speak prophetically and courageously against the advance of evil.

6.  The Shepherd’s voices become muted when the backing of the congregation is lacking or in question.

7.  A large majority of Christians don’t operate from a Biblical Worldview.

8.  Society now exerts more influence on the Church than the Church exerts on society.

Rev. 8-6-14