I.  All Mountains

A.  Network with organizations and individuals already engaged in the mountain.

B.  Develop a mountain leadership team representative of a cross-section of the network.

C.  Formulate strategies to restore the mountain to a Judeo-Christian mooring.

D.  Identify foundations already established in each mountain.

E.  Establish numerous additional foundations in each mountain.

II.  Specific Mountains (and a beginning list of strategies for each.)

A.  Arts and Entertainment Mountain

1. Support and advocate for godly art and entertainment.

2. Encourage Christian athletes.

B.  Business Mountain

1. Work to establish “The Good City”.

2. Promote Christian Business Leaders Association.

C.  Education Mountain

1. Advocate for and champion Creationism.

2. Promote Texas School Choice.

3. Reading “Boot Camp” for rising third-graders.

4. Mentors for Middle Schoolers.

D.  Family Mountain

1. Defend and protect traditional marriage.

2. Defend and protect life.

3. Train men to be strong, godly fathers.

E.  Government Mountain

1. Elect righteous people to serve in office.

2. Cast an informed vote.

3. Volunteer to serve on city boards.

F.  Media Mountain

1. Subscribe to, read, and advocate for Alamo Torch.

2. Support and advocate for Christian movies.

G.  Religion Mountain

1. Cultivate a Biblical Worldview.

2. Encourage Christians to engage in their mountain(s) of calling.

Rev. 8-21-14