1. To develop a counteroffensive to the “Agenda” and mount a comeback.

2. To identify strategies that will enable the Church to make a positive impact in each of the Seven Mountains of society.

3. To implement these strategies.

4. To emphasize prayer as a key component in each mountain, seeking God’s revelation and guidance.

5. To network with and coordinate ministries or activities that God raises up in each mountain.

6. To encourage and support these ministries and activities.

7. To set goals for each mountain, assess progress and report at an annual Salt and Light (SA) Assembly.

8. To encourage Christians to boldly and confidently be “salt” and “light” all the time.

9. To encourage Christians to engage in ministries and activities in the mountain(s) where they are called and gifted by God.

10. To establish Salt and Light organizations in other cities, counties, or parishes.

Rev. 8-6-14