The Truth Project

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What is The Truth Project?

The Truth Project is a twelve session in-depth Christian worldview experience, produced by Focus On The Family, considering the whole of life from the biblical perspective.

Each session lasts two hours and consists of viewing an excellent on-topic presentation followed by group discussion guided by the facilitator.

The twelve sessions explore truth in the arenas of science, philosophy, ethics, Church, God and man, community, family, state, law, arts and media, labor, and history.

There is no enrollment fee. The course is free. A Free Will Offering could be received to help offset venue utilities expenses.

What can I expect will occur as I participate in The Truth Project?

  1.  To be stimulated and challenged as your group discusses each topic.
  2.  That your own understanding of a Biblical World View will be clarified.
  3.  That your own Biblical World View will be strengthened and undergirded.
  4.  To sharpen your ability to communicate key components of a Biblical World View.
  5.  To become qualified to lead a future presentation of The Truth Project .
  6.  That you will grow in boldness and make an even greater difference for good in your circles of influence.
  7.  That God will open more doors for you and give you further assignments as He enlarges your borders.


What can happen in a city when an increasing number of Christians operate from a Biblical World View?

  •  righteous candidates will get elected
  •  the spread of evil will be retarded and hopefully pushed back
  •  the people will rejoice (Proverbs 29:2)
  •  your children and grand-children will have a better future

How do I enroll in The Truth project?

  • Two offerings of The Truth Project have been completed.
  • Additional offerings will be scheduled and posted here.